Top Finish Bets

These are ante-post bets and refer to the winners of a tournament or race, however the bets may point either to the ones who will finish first or the ones who will finish last (i.e. bottom of the group, depending on the event). Therefore translating them as Top Finish should not include either ‘first” or “last”.

In Football, Top Finish refers to the bottom of the group for competitions such as FIFA World Cup 2018.
In Motor Sports you are betting how a driver will be placed in the official race standings: Top2, Top3, Top6 and Top10.
In Golf the bet predicts the player to finish in the Тop5 either at the end of 18 holes, 36 holes or the whole golf tournament (72 holes).

Ante Post Bets

Ante-post betting refers to predicting the outcome of an event at least a day in advance of it happening and is a long-term betting strategy. In simple words, ante-post bets are used for players or teams, who have a lot of potential, but not ready to win outright yet.

Ante-Post betting usually gives the bettor better odds than if they placed their bets on the day of the event.

What does the Outright Betting Market mean?

We all know what the phrase means in our everyday speech:

Outright (adj./adv.)

– without reservation, openly, directly, completely.

In gambling industry, the Outright Bet (or Outright Market) is a bet placed on the outcome of an entire competition (a tournament, league, etc.) rather than on an individual game or match. The market refers to the final winner, i.e. predicting which team or player will win the competition.

Outright bets are considered “long-term bets” as they are usually placed before the season starts. However, gamblers can still bet on the outright winner during the event.

Here are some of the market translations in the other languages:

German: Gesamtsieger

Norwegian: Vinner

Italian: Antepost or Scommessa a lungo termine

Brazilian PT: Campeão

Spanish: Ganador final

Finnish: Voittaja

Swedish: Vinnare

Russian: Аутрайт or Победитель турнира

Japanese: アウトライト

Chinese: 优胜冠军

Arabic: إجمالي

What is a “Trap Market”?

The phrase has nothing to do with a market with rather slim chances to win 😉 This is how the main betting market for Greyhounds (Greyhound Racing) betting is called – a trap here means the dog’s place in the starting row.

What is a “Behind” in Australian football and how to translate it?

It’s rather striking to see, for example, a “1st Half Total Behinds” bet type if you are not familiar with Aussie Rules 😊 The market refers to a type of scoring inside the game – there are 2 types of scoring in the game, which form the main result.

While it’s easy to leave it as it is in the Latin-alphabet languages, the non-Latin ones require a much closer attention. Our Russian experts have two suggestions:

1) The best translation of “Behinds” would be “одноочковых голов”, or “1-очковых голов” for short
2) A more understandable option though, would be to simply transliterate it as “бихайнд-/ы/ов” or “бехайнд-/ы/ов”, depending on the case